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      TTS-2000 electronic torque measurement system

      Interface USB interface

      TTS-2000 electronic torque measurement system

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      Versatile compact portable torque measurement and measured data recording system. Precise and repeatable torque measurements can be applied in combination with conventional ratchets, extensions, universal joints, sockets or even with release tools. The TTS-2000 recognises the torque sensor (plug and play) for which the measuring range and calibration parameters are stored on the sensor internal memory.
      Display: 4-digit sharp contrast easy-to-read LCD display.
      • In tracking modethe actual torque values are shown continuously.
      • In peak mode the highest torque value achieved is shown as a static display.
      • Using first peak mode the trigger point (switch point) can be recorded for mechanically triggering torque wrenches.
      An acoustic and visual evaluation of the screw driving operation can be performed by inputting upper and lower tolerances (multi-coloured LED strip).
      Units of measure: N·m, lbf·ft, lbf·in, kgf·m, ozf·in.
      Sampling rate: 10 kHz with 5 pre-set low-pass filters. These filters additionally allow the system to be used for dynamic testing of electric tools (impact/impulse screwdrivers), if appropriate sensors and additional screwing operation simulators are used (available on request). The high sampling rate permits also a precise recording of breakaway torque value / further tightening torque value.
      Memory capacity: Up to 1300 measured values can be saved and called up again, and provided with a date/time stamp.
      Interface: USB mini-B which can be controlled serially.
      Power consumption: The TTS-2000 is powered by a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery. The maximum operating time is approx. 20 hours, charging time approx. 8 hours.


      The torque measuring system and torque sensor turn a ratchet into a torque wrench.


      Precise torque control due to high sampling rate for controlled screw tightening. Ideal for prototype building and small series. Particularly suitable for screw tightening where access is difficult and for assemblies where space is too tight to allow use of a torque wrench.

      Supplied with:

      Mains adapter for supplying power to the tool and also for charging the batteries. USB 2.0 A cable on Mini-B cable for transmitting the measured data to a printer or PC. Adjustable wall-mounting / bench-mounting and also a carrying case.

      Technical Data

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