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      Article no.: 655002

      Electronic torque wrench / rotational angle wrench, with integral display E-TORC Q

      Brand: Gedore
      Measuring accuracy rotational angle ±1
      Calibration O3
      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
      Calibration O5
      Interface USB interface
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      Electronic torque wrench / rotational angle wrench, with integral di...

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      The E-TORC Q / QR is a powerful electronic torque / rotational angle measuring wrench with the latest sensor technology and a 4.3 inch TFT display. Operation is optionally by touch function or hardware buttons. Curve depiction and evaluation can be displayed directly on the measuring tool. Parameter sets can be displayed with image data.
      Data are exchanged the torque wrench and stationary PC control software by means of wi-fi (2.4 and 5 GHz) or USB mini-port (from Windows® 7).
      The signal transmission is shown visually by progress bars, acoustically by beep tone and by touch by means of vibration.
      Units of measure: N·m, lbf·ft.
      Battery with quick-change system.


      • Torque control
      • Torque / rotational angle control
      • Elastic limit monitoring: Determination of the elastic limit of bolted connections on the basis of the difference quotients.
      • Prevailing torque: All processes to VDI / VDE 2645 sheet 3.
      • Slackening / tightening: Determination of the torque value of a bolted connection e.g. after application of the operating load.


      In research and development, the E-TORC Q / QR saves on costly experimental test rigs. Bolt fastening trials of tightening specifications can be performed directly on the component and documented.

      Supplied with:

      Supplied with plug-in reversible ratchet, charger cable, data cable, 4 GB memory, USB stick with documentation, operating manual and evaluation / operation software.
      In a rectangular box with foam inlay.


      Please comply with the specific national requirements!
      Accessories on request.