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      Article no.: 667175 12

      Electronics screwdriver set “Kraftform Micro” 12

      Brand: Wera

      Electronics screwdriver set “Kraftform Micro” 12

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      12-piece micro screwdriver set for very small slot-head screws, cross-head Phillips recess screws, TORX® BO screws, TORX PLUS® IPR screws, Microstix® screws and external hexagon screws, plus 1 chip lifter.
      Specially suitable for working on smartphones, mobile phones, cameras and electronic devices.
      Kraftform Micro handle with power zone, quick rotation zone and precision zone, also with rotating cap for very fast twirling.

      Supplied with:

      • 3x electronics cross-head screwdrivers, size PH 000; PH 00; PH 0.
      • 2x electronics TORX® BO screwdrivers, size TX 8; TX 10.
      • 1x electronics TORX PLUS® screwdriver, size 1.
      • 2x electronics slot-head screwdrivers, size 0.35×2.5; 0.23×1.5.
      • 2x electronics cross-head sockets, size 2.5; 3.0.
      • 1x Kraftform micro screwdriver for Microstix® screws size m×40.
      • 1x lifter.

      Technical Data

      Non-roll flats
      Cap rotatable
      Fabric wallet 
      Drive profile
      Screwdriver for Phillips ; Screwdriver for TORX® screws with hole ; Slot-head screwdriver ; Hexagon sockets ; Screwdriver for Microstix® screws 
      Number of screwdrivers