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      Article no.: 321740

      Revolving lathe centre with analogue pressure indicator and extended point

      Brand: GARANT
      Power supply energy-harvesting
      IP Index of Protection IP 55
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      Revolving lathe centre with analogue pressure indicator and extended...

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      • The momentary clamping pressure is directly readable on the analogue or digital display on the base body.
      • The live centre is supported by a disc spring pack with a spring travel of approx. 3.7 mm analogue and 2.6 mm or 2.8 mm digital.
      • Short sturdy design with active longitudinal axis. Live centre through hardened and finish ground.
      • Maximum accuracy due to precision roller bearings.
      • With push-off thread and push-off nut.
      • With special seal against dirt and coolant ingress, maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication.

      With extended centre, point angle 60°/40°.


      Whenever the clamping force should be kept within certain limits, either to prevent deformation of the component or to ensure secure clamping with sufficient pressure.
      • As a tailstock centre in conjunction with hydro-mechanical face drivers No. 327450 − 327540 because the drive teeth have to dig into the component.
      • For components that expand significantly due to high machining heat.
      • For clamping long slender components to prevent lateral displacement.
      • For clamping heavy components where a controlled clamping force is required.

      Technical Data

      Power supply
      IP Index of Protection
      IP 55