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3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Strip schijf CG-ZR, blauw, 150 mm x 13 mm, Extra Large, PN57019

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Discs aggressively remove paint, rust and coatings
Load resistant
Smear resistant
Safe for operators
Roloc™ attachment system provides easy disc change out for multi-step finishing processes


Use Scotch-Brite™ Roloc™ Clean and Strip Disc to aggressively remove paint and rust from seams, door jambs, drip mouldings, pinch welds and other tight areas. Our discs feature the Roloc attachment system, for fast and easy disc changes – ideal for multi-step finishing processes. The disc swiftly mounts to holder and pad* which, subsequently attaches to abrasive tools like die grinders and right angle disc sanders. The discs bind silicon carbide mineral and non-woven nylon fibres using a resin that dissolves and breaks down over time, helping the abrasive to stay strong and heat resistant. Silicon carbide is a very sharp synthetic mineral that is commonly used for low-pressure applications such as paint preparation. It breaks down faster than aluminium oxide, to produce a superior finish. The extra coarse (XCS) mineral works hard to remove unwanted corrosion and blemishes from a variety of substrates. It aggressively removes paint and rust from seams, door jambs, drip mouldings, pinch welds and other difficult-to-reach areas. Non-woven technology makes Scotch-brite industrial abrasives unique. We combine strands, resin, and abrasive mineral to form a thick, open web. The spring-like nature of the fibres responds to contours and effectively removes unwanted burrs, soils, and contaminants while maintaining the geometry of the work piece, which in turn reduces rework and boosts productivity. Gaps in the web allow swarf to escape, so debris does not clog the mineral. Fibres in the web continually break down with use to reveal fresh mineral for exceptional consistency, superior cut performance, and extremely long service life. From aesthetic finishing to weld blending, deburring, and more, Scotch-Brite abrasives work fast and deliver consistent results, part after part. *Sold separately

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