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Art-nr.: 7000028500

3M™ Schijf Pad Houder 915, 127 mm x 3 mm x 9 mm, PN05681

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Allows quick and easy disc attachment and removal for multi-step processing
Options available for right angle grinders and random orbital sanders
Choose from solid or foam surfaces for custom sanding and grinding control
Available with or without built-in shanks
Various sizes available for different sized face plates


Use 3M™ Disc Pad Holder featuring ‘T’ shaped hooks that securely hold a surface conditioning disc, allowing for quick and easy changes. Our disc pad holders are available in a range of sizes, foam densities and attachment options. They have a centre hole with internal threads, simply choose the thread size that matches the external thread size of your right angle grinder. The hook-and-loop feature enables the disc to be re-used for the extent of the abrasive life. Discs are sold separately. Using surface conditioning products with a 3M disc pad holder generates finishes suitable for paint. Our disc pad holders are available with or without built-in shanks.

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