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      Logiciels professionnels

      Retrouvez l'ensemble de nos logiciels vous apportant un soutien dans l'utilisation de nos produits.

      Trendic Torque

      trendic® torque is the ideal tool for managing, tracing, analysing, displaying and documenting the test results on the basis of DIN EN ISO 6789. Simple and auditable.

      The programme manages the following data:

      • ID number, wrench number, wrench type and class, manufacturer, measuring range, scale value, cost centre, user
      • Job number, tester, testing method, test date, test cycle
      • Actual and historical measurement values

      Additional features:

      • Adding the company logo to the test certificate
      • Available in English and German
      • Facility to import data from the previous torque wrench software No. 65 4450!

      Data exchange tested with the following torque analysers:

      • 65 4300 Norbar TST and 65 4340 Norbar TTT
      • 65 4495 Facom Torkontrol
      • 65 4700 Rahsol Dremotest (catalogue 34)
      • 65 4500 GARANT TT1
      • 65 4420 / 65 4440 Rahsol E-TP

      System requirements:

      • At least Windows XP
        Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
      • Internet Explorer 8 or later

      The software is continually updated and adapted to our customers' requirements. So that you can benefit from these enhancements and are always working with the latest version, we are offering you a free update here on this website. The only requirement is that you have installed a purchased version of the programme - whatever the date of purchase - on your harddrive.

      It's as simple as this:
      We recommend that you secure your existing data via the programme's export function before you perform an update. The update (TrendicTorqueUpdate.exe) is a self-extracting-zip. When you click on it a dialog box will open. By clicking the button "Start" the setup is performed automatically.


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