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Réaffûtage d'origine pour des performances
optimales et une durée de vie prolongée.

Service d'affûtage Hoffmann Group



Rien ne vaut l'original. Le réaffûtage d'origine pour des outils hautes performances et une durée de vie optimale.


Vos avantages

Full performance for your tools


Original manufacturer regrinding, on the machines used for the original production, with the original geometry and the original coating, permits 100% cutting performance at up to 95% tool life - and this applies to every regrind.

Save up to 85% of the cost by choosing an original regrind

The longer you can maintain the original quality of e.g. your drill or milling cutter, the greater your cost saving:

  • Reduced storage and capital costs
  • Higher availability
  • Reduced circulation times at very high productivity and maximum process reliability.

This is exactly what we guarantee, if you trust us with your tools.

Efficient logistics

  • Simple collection and delivery service
  • Can also be organised using GARANT Tool24 tool issuing system
  • Saves time and trouble
  • Sets you free to concentrate on your core competence - machining

Fair transparent prices

Keep track of your costs

  • No hidden surcharges
  • Fair assessment, no unnecessary loss of cutting edges
  • Regrinding only to the extent necessary (depending on the wear and type of tool)
  • Prices fixed for 2 years

Semi-standard tools to meet customer requirements

Intermediate sizes for proven types of milling cutter

  • Modification of corner radii
  • Individual shank recesses (also for new tools)


Services and range of products

Service d'affûtage de queue pour fonction de sécurité d'extraction

Pour utilisation avec des mandrins de frettage avec sécurité d'extraction. code art. 302312/2314/7648/7947.
La queue de la fraise doit être spécialement affûtée.

Vous pouvez soit le trouver chez Hoffmann sous le code art. SZ2025 avec la bonne taille correspondante (SZ2025 12 pour queue diamètre 12; SZ2025 16 pour queue diamètre 16; SZ2025 20 pour queue diamètre 20) ou alors téléchargez les plans ci-dessous pour le faire vous-même :



Coating service

  • Coating of uncoated new tools, in just a few days; coating to your requirements (subject to compatibility of the desired coating with the machining tool).
  • Higher performance because of increases in feeds and speeds.
  • Longer tool life.

Measurement report service

If desired you can receive a measurement report, both for new tools and also for resharpened tools. This records the following measurements:

  • Radius accuracy
  • Cutter diameter accuracy
  • Position and shape of steps
  • Size and position of chamfers and much more

Labelling service

On request we will print the original catalogue number, size and barcode on the reground tool on the outer packaging.

  • Quick assignment of your reground tools.
  • Ideal for GARANT Tool24 systems.
  • Available for all Hoffmann Group catalogue tools.

Service shank grinding retainer function

To use shrink-fit chucks with retainer function No. 302312/2314/7945/7947 the shank of the milling cutter has to have a special clamping flat. This special shank grinding can be ordered under the Hoffmann service number SZ2025, stating the suitable size.