Réf.: 4903-1

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Marque: HAZET®

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GRUNDKOERPER 4903-1, Versandgewicht: 14,7 kg, GTIN/EAN: 4000896179824
• Increased safety – thanks to load-free installation!. • Basic support for the installation of the safety spring vice basic unit (incl. safety adapter). • Perfect basic equipment if the basic unit 4900-2°A already exists. • Can be used for almost any spring strut / shock absorber. • Load-free disassembly / assembly with completely relieved shock absorber. New seating and assembly concept. • Swivelling in horizontal or vertical working position, - HAZET recommends ergonomic working height: adjust vertically, operate horizontally. • Damage to shock absorbers and head plates impossible - (no overload risk). • Simple, lockable strut mount. High safety. • Consistently reliable mounting of head plates. • Thread damage to piston rod impossible. • Permanent fixation of spring throughout operation. Secured investment – by using existing components of SYSTEM 4900. • Existing basic units 4900-2A and all tensioning jaws of System 4900 may be used. • Use of future applications is assured. Allows record keeping by scaling. • If recurring, significant time savings by scaling. • Firm fixation eliminates readjustment at the same spring strut (left / right). 4 steps to success: - 1. Mount spring strut on clamping disc above gripper and brakes - 2. Grip spring with universal tensioning jaw - 3. Actuate clamps with reversible ratchet, cordless screwdriver or pneumatic ratchet - 4. Remove shock absorber load-free and install new one - (then reverse order). • Made in Germany. • Net weight: 14.7 kg.

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