The foundation for success

Our ability to innovate and provide technical expertise hasn't developed by accident: it's a direct result of the company culture that creates the foundation for not only our success, but yours too – and that's a great reason to keep nurturing this culture.

Our vision

Leadership in Quality Tools.

This statement is what drives us to improve and deliver performance that's truly impressive, every single day.

Our mission

We make our customers more successful by simplifying tool procurement and increasing productivity.

Just like our slogan says, we provide "Tools to make you better".



Our values


We don't consider ourselves successful until our customers have achieved lasting success. That's why we do everything possible to create strong customer relationships, built in the spirit of partnership and creating real added value on both sides. Our constant efforts to engage in dialogue with our customers and strive towards continuous improvement produce innovative solutions that result in palpable changes in your procurement and production process – for the better.

And that's what helps us live up to our claim of delivering top performance over the long term, in the technology we use and in our business practices.

If there's one thing better than success, it's long-term success. And with its family-owned structure that achieves outstanding results and maintains a focus on its values, long-term success is exactly what Hoffmann aims to achieve. For us, this also means satisfying even the most exacting demands – and that starts with asking if we are meeting them ourselves.

We know the value of treating our customers as equals at all times. This mutual sense of trust is what forms the basis for successful business relationships that last for years. And this spirit of trust is, of course, something we also bring to our work with our employees – the life and soul of the Hoffmann Group. Because they are committed to delivering your success.

In the work we do every day, we constantly strive to uphold our core company principles: "Simple. Focused. Useful." And we know that our solutions have to do the same in order to give our customers exactly what they are looking for. 

We seek to be simple:

Simple in communication.
Simple in organisation.
Simple in all the processes that affect us and that we influence.  

We think about the goal and we stay focused:

Focused on solutions and services.
Focused on our core competencies.
Focused on the essentials.

And we always consider the key question of what our actions are leading to.

We must be useful!
Useful for our customers, our partners and our suppliers.
Useful for the development of our company.
Useful for our employees, the environment, and for the next generation.


Hoffmann Group - Image Clip

Hoffmann Group - Image Clip

As an internationally operating, successful company with highly motivated and dedicated employees we strive daily to find the best solutions for our customers, to make them even more successful. Or to put it briefly: "Tools to make you better."